Is There Ever Enough Money?
How Do I Help My Child Excel without Breaking the Bank?

Is There Ever Enough Money?

It’s Monday morning, time to get ready for work and get the kids ready for school. Everyone went to bed late because of the science fair project which is due today and finished last night. These days parents lose sleep thinking about the monthly bills, empty savings accounts and wondering how they will afford sending their kids to college.

Money is a subject on everyone’s mind. Can I afford it? Eliminate debt, dave for the kids college or for my retirement, where do I put my money? My paycheck is already too thin, how can I do it all?

Families today want their children to go to college, but are the students really ready? Co-eds today are not always prepared for the thinking and work required for college level studies, not to mention ill prepared to pay for the journey embarking. How are parents going to meet the needs of their children to be successful?

How are parents expected to meet the demands of education? Having a two income household is almost required today to meet all the needs of the family, in addition to having two parents with one staying home full time to assist in the learning of the children at home. This is every family, not just those who have decided to homeschool. 

With the changes in the workforce and the economy during COVID, families have had to face unprecedented times. Living on unemployment and wondering when the work will come back, has families nervous for the future of their family. Working from home while children are learning at home is not as easy as one would think it could be. The memes across social media paint a dismal picture, but it is all too real for many families.

Trying to keep your job working at home while raising a family attending school at the same time is difficult and daunting. Routines and procedures must be in place to ensure children learn and adults work during the school day; but what does a family do if they need help?

It seems that parents have more time today to be with their family, but does quantity time trump quality time? Parents are stressed out. Single parents working at home do not get a break. We get it! We are teaching at home while our children are learning alongside us, up stairs in the loft or in their bedroom. They have questions and we are working. 

Who wins – the job or the child? If we were working outside the home, we wouldn’t be able to address their questions until after the work day; now we are home with them. They want our answers. They want our help. We redirect them back to the teacher – after all it’s their job to help my kid learn, right? 

Now we know that not every parent went to school to be a teacher, like we did. We also know that not every parent has over 15 years of experience of working with children in a teaching/learning relationship mastering the coursework required to teach. So how do parents get help with teaching their children the stuff they need to learn according to the state standards?

With tutoring costs averaging $50 an hour per child, how are parents going to help their children and pay the bills? It’s nice that we have online resources to assist in the learning of some things, like Khan Academy or other online programs. Online tutoring has exploded with zoom. These services can be a life saver for families who can afford them; but what if a family can’t? 

What is out there to help children learn while saving the family money? What if there were experienced teachers prepared to be the guide for parents, ready to answer their questions and provide them support through the challenge of supporting learning at home? What if they offered supports for free? Would it be worth the listen?


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