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How Do I Get My Kid to Do the Work?

How Do I Make My Kid Want to Read?

Unfortunately, you can’t MAKE anyone do anything unless they WANT to do it… and neither can teachers. People tend to do the things they WANT to do, CHOOSE to do and LOVE to do.  The real question is, “How do we get our kids to want to read?” These are a few suggestions: 

  • Teach them how to PICK a good-fit book 
    • Purpose- what is the purpose for reading?
      • Pleasure
      • Learning
      • Complete task
      • entertainment
    • Interest- is it interesting and/or relevant?
    • Comprehension- can the child understand this book
      • Goldilocks rule: not too hard or too easy, just right
    • Know words
      • Five finger rule: if cant read 5 words on first page, it’s too hard
  • Go to the library and expose them to cool, new books
  • Read to your kids, with them, and in front of them
  • Talk about books with them
    • Ask questions
    • Make connections to the world, other books, and self
    • Discuss wonderings and morals or lessons to learn
  • Give kids an opportunity to read each day
  • Explain why reading is important

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