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Exactly how much does parent involvement influence students’ learning? When you understand the impact of certain activities, it allows us to decide if the activity is worth the amount of effort it takes, or determine whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

What you need to know:

Effect size (impact) bigger than 0.40 = a year of student growth

These are the results from John Hattie’s analysis of many of the studies compiled about how kids learn. A study of the studies, putting it together: 

Parental involvement in learningEffect Size 
Home Environment is safe place and space to work0.52
Parent Involvement with organization and support0.49
Expectations for behavior, work quality and success criteria0.43
Exposure to Reading0.42
Reduce Anxiety with routines, procedures and schedules0.40
Attitude toward Math/Science0.35
Exercise or Relaxation with brain breaks0.28
Lack Illness0.25

Check out page 7! Practical Ideas for Parents, and the impact of parent engagement on students learning. 

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