Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t HAVE to do anything! We are not going to tell you what you should do. We are going to help you work with your children in a way that you love through working in your values and giving you choices.

To be successful you will need to engage in the learning opportunities we provide and implement strategies with your child to try and see if they work or not. Teaching is not an exact process with a set of parameters and guidelines to follow that work with each kid. Rather, it’s the messy scientific experimentation process which can lead you to discover what works for your lifestyle.

Learning from mistakes is a part of the process. Judgement is not what we provide nor is it what you signed up for.

We understand that families have diverse needs and the resources and time vary. We offer support in 4 areas each week. Take advantage of as much or as little as you like. Additional coaching calls are available for purchase.

  • Two 30 minute live calls on zoom (recorded for later playback if you can’t attend);
  • 15-30 minutes viewing the recorded video library depending on you;
  • 10 minutes participating on the newsfeed for community support and outreach

No, this is not kid stuff. We are teaching parents the tricks and tips they need to work with their kids that teachers use in the classroom. This is the magic behind teaching and everyone knows a magician never reveals his secrets to the audience. Additional coaching calls are available for purchase. We have also added M-Th daily homework help for additional purchase.

We actually do not work directly with your child, you do. We work with YOU. We coach YOU. We look at what your child needs and give YOU opportunities to provide for them, building YOUR relationship with them. 

That is only one of the benefits of our program. Yes, we offer our private social network community as a support group for our families. But it’s only ONE component of the program.

Yes, we can. We’ll help you identify the needed skills for your child/children to succeed when learning.

Your family will benefit greatly if you are engaged in the weekly access to live support. You will have the same access as all families enrolled.

We can structure our activities to maximize your children’s interactions and provide support through the family, as you facilitate the cooperative learning, games and activities your children can participate in together.

As a family you will have 1 login, giving all caregivers access.

Other places teach behavior only, and they treat the symptoms not the causes for the behavior. We realize learning behaviors are fundamental and crucial for the learning of academic content to begin. This is why we start with behavior and move directly into academic content in the areas your child needs most.

Our content is taught by highly qualified K-8 specialists. Our literacy coach has over 17 years of working directly with teachers and students to grow their reading ability. Our math coach has over 20 years of working directly with teachers and students to grow their mathematical brain. Together we have served over 1,500 teachers and 20,000 students in all the areas we share with you.

After COVID closures in 2019, schools required nine weeks of home based distance learning, MOST students are behind. Most students lost nine weeks of solid, direct instruction from the educated professional that worked with them all year long and was unable to complete the curriculum as they had planned. Then when school opened again in 2020, with the combination of online, hybrid and fulltime in school options, many students have learning gaps.

In our school district, CCSD 5th largest in the country, teachers were given a mandate NOT to take grades for any new instruction on topics not previously taught in the 2019-20 school year. Furthermore, it was made public knowledge, so kids knew it didn’t count. What happened in your state?

Unfortunately, we can’t make anyone do anything and neither can you. Our approach is to provide choices about topics that interest your child. We will teach you how to help your child choose quality reading material that is highly engaging and encourage discussion about topics relevant to your child.

We also provide you with additional activities to support comprehension, writing and vocabulary in alignment with the child’s interests and values. This eliminates the constant need to motivate kids to read; they will read when they are inspired to learn more.

The face of education is changing and continues to evolve around funding, social and safety practices, protocols and expectations. However, we believe the need for EmpowLearn’s support has been around for over a decade, since the shift to Common Core State Standards in 2010. It wasn’t until parents were forced to homeschool through COVID that the realization of what is happening in schools has come to light.

As schools go back to “normal,” parents will still be left in the dark by the educational system and remain unsure of how to support the learning of their child because they don’t understand the standards and weren’t taught the same way educators are expected to teach the standards today.

Working with us, regardless of who the teacher of record is for your child, you will be able to support their learning and get them to where they need to go.

When you work with EmpowLearn, you will be able to make a decision to transition to support your child’s schooling with certainty and confidence at any point in your child’s educational career if you so choose to make a change. 

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