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Dinner Discussions

Say This…Why?
What was your most/least favorite part about your school day? Why?This will allow your child to think about something they actually care about and give them a safe space to share it with you.
Who were you kind to today? Who was kind to you? Helping your child develop empathy towards others helps them see beyond themselves. 
If you could have changed one thing about today, what would it be and why?When children have to evaluate their thinking, it creates connections to different parts of their brain. It also allows them to think about cause and effect relationships which can be difficult for them to verbalize.
I noticed… (something about your child)When we notice something about our kids, they see we pay attention. When we say “We like…” it creates judgement.
If you don’t know already…Their favorite…Toy, game, color, car, stuffed animal, book, clothes, food, video game, youTuber, tv show, sport, movie, app to play, music… and ask why.The more things you know about your child shows you are interested in them and their life. They have specific interests and are their own person. When we as parents acknowledge this, it gives validity to their being.

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