Anchor Charts
How Do I Get My Life Back?

Anchor Charts

Repeating and reaction vs. referencing and Reflection

Anchor charts support and reinforce:

  • Procedures, routines and how-to’s (see Agenda image below)
  • Expectations for appropriate behavior
  • Self-reflection
  • Math strategies and vocabulary words
  • Reading strategies and vocabulary words (pictured below)
  • Speaking in complete sentences
  • Standards for work performance and quality

Anchor Chart Recommendations:

  • Create it together no matter how “ugly” it is- NO Pinterest or printables! The purpose is to document, or memorialize, the learning for later reference.
  • Use words AND pictures to highlight essential content from a lesson.
  • Place it in a highly visible area where students can reference it when needed.
  • Revisit and revise charts as needed, especially for behavioral expectations and work quality.

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