Healing the Headaches of Homeschooling


Empowering parents to love
teaching their kids.

Covid-19 has brought many new changes.
One of the biggest challenges is our children are not on target as they were in the past. Online learning has not served our children as well as in person.

Many parents we speak to have been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with suddenly becoming the full-time teachers.

Have you been struggling to find ways to keep your kids interested and motivated to learn? Has your relationship with your kids suffered?

Now you can finally feel confident that you’re on the right track. At EmpowLearn we focus on teaching you, the parent, the skills you need to teach your kids. With our help, you’ll understand the role of

  • The brain and it’s learning behaviors.
  • Strategic breaks and physical movement.
  • Literacy strategies for reading development.
  • Mathematical skills for real world applications.

Kate Houston, from 8 News Live, explaining what EmpowLearn is and how we can help parents.

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Teachers Helped
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See what people are saying about us:

I would just like to let the world know that Ms. Percell is a phenomenal educator. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, she takes the time to know YOUR kid and what works for THEM. This isn't a one size fits all approach to teaching. She has a lot of tricks up her sleeve to make even the most reluctant kid a more excited learner. Choosing to work with Ms. Percell, in your child's education, is a choice you won't regret.
Sara Porter
Las Vegas
EmpowLearn has a great product to help parents with distance learning and tutoring. They are very experienced in this field and have the tools parents need to help their children. Check them out and see for yourself.
Janice VanMeter
Colorado Springs
I have worked with both of these ladies for many years. They are professional, knowledgeable, and can reach all students no matter the ability level. I would highly recommend EmpowLearn to parents who are interested in helping their students during distance learning.
Allison Radke
Las Vegas

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